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No, not me.  Our Sheep, Shannon, had her babies today!  Soooo exciting!  We just recently confirmed she was pregnant.  Here she is a week before delivery.

It was hard to tell if she was pregnant or just getting fat from the extra food she was getting.  Then one evening I was able to poke around on her stomach a bit and saw the baby (or rather what turned out to be babies) kick.  It was so fun to see and confirm lambs would be arriving.  I read up on lambing again and talked with a friend that’s been there done that.  This morning when I went out to feed Shannon seemed REALLY pregnant.  More so than just the evening before.  No wonder!  This evening Zoe went out to close in the chickens and came running back to the house yelling “Babies!  Shannon had her babies!”

And there they were.  All dry and clean hanging out in the house nursing.  Everything you could ask for.  Even more surprising was that there were two.  Being her first pregnancy we were only expecting one.  She had done everything a good mama should.  And now here’s the best part.  Pictures!

It took every ounce of self control for Zoe and I not to run in and hold them but, I wanted to be sure they bonded well with their mama before we start that.  And the proud Papa.  Well, I don’t know how proud.  He just got kicked out of his pen for lamb safety.

One thought on “Babies!

  1. How exciting!!! YEA Shannon!!! What a good momma and you guys took such good care of her for her to carry twins on her first go ’round to full term!!! They look great- healthy, perfect, and sooo cute!!! Give them each a kiss for me. Marlys says NOT to tell her these are food! She just couldn’t handle it. Good luck with raising them – keep them dry. Great job to both momma and pappa – they have the right stuff!

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