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Shannon will not be winning the “Mother of the Year” award.  In my eyes she has gone from an awesome ewe with a sassy but sweet personality to “Whats for dinner?”  Yep, my love towards her was very conditional.  She has rejected one of her babies.  The last few days have been less than fun.  She ended up having a boy and a girl.  After the first 24 hours or so she started shoving the boy away whenever he tried to nurse.  We are having to force her to stand still to allow him to nurse.  At first she was reasonable with this and as long as I had her head she was still.  From there it went downhill and she was fighting me more and more each time.  Wresting with a stinky sheep at 1 in the morning is already old.  Then came the ramming him into the side of the house when he tried to get close.

So, we have moved him into his own little pen with a heat lamp and started giving him a bottle.  We may continue to force her to nurse him but only during the day with help other than that it will be a bottle for him.  Plus side to formula is I know how much he is eating and, interestingly enough, it smells like vanilla cake batter.  Not bad.

Our little orphan

Whether or not this will be normal for Shannon on future lambs is unknown.  If we bread her next year she may do great and be a completely different mother.  Or she might always reject one in which case we would stop breading.  We were told that if she rejects a baby next year she will probably always reject one and chances are her offspring would  as well.  On another note Greg started calling him Murdock today.  Isn’t that the cutest name for him?  But then I had to remind him of our naming rule.  Sorry, no Murdock.

One thought on “Apparently Not

  1. Ok, I know the post is about how Sannon is not doing well in her “mommy” role BUT what is with the flying Zoe? How did she land? All I can imagine is splat!!! And very hard at that!

    I have bottle fed goats and cows and I can tell you it gets VERY old VERY fast but it is amazing to watch them grow and realize you played a great part. As soon as those milk teeth start to pass start to intro grain and grass – it will lesson the times you have to bottle feed. I’m sure the little boy is very thankful to you. When I was doing the goat I used a large dog creat for his home and shelter. Oh well, sometimes a ‘two-fur’ does take a little something out of us. He is soo cute! Take care guys and THANK YOU for the posts!!!
    Love always!

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