New Milestones

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Abigail has been growing and changing like crazy.  Her newest trick now is walking.  She doesn’t crawl much any more except if she needs to go really fast.  And just yesterday her first tooth popped through.  And on the top too.  It only took her almost 11 months!

Every time I tried to get a picture she would fall over laughing.  She has gotten a bit picky about her food.  Well, not the food itself but rather the method in which she has to eat it.  She doesn’t like the baby food consistency.  None of my kids have.  And she wants to do it herself as most of my kids have.  It makes it a bit challenging to get a variety in her diet.  Applesauce is the one thing she will almost always eat.  Oliver on the other hand likes to eat whatever she doesn’t.  Seems he likes his food pureed now.

One thought on “New Milestones

  1. Walking!!! Way to go Abby! Soon you will be running after those boys who have sat on you, pulled you over, and pushed you around while you were in your walker:) No stopping you now little one!!! and will you be a biter? Oh… look out – she is getting teeth now!
    What a happy girl! Merriann, you and Greg are doing a great job raising such happy children in a crazy world! Be Proud!
    God Bless,
    Love you much

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