Eggs How I Love Thee

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We are in the mists of many, many eggs.  Our chickens are laying at full speed and we seem to have one that loves to give us double yokers.  And lest you think I am complaining about the 13 dozen eggs we currently have I am not.  We love these nutrition packed, golden yoked eggs.  But, yes, now that you mention it, we do sell them!   It’s Zoe’s little business.

 She has been doing an awesome job taking care of the chickens  and collecting/cleaning the eggs.  As with many of us, she doesn’t like to work alone. That’s what siblings are for!  She will take Zeke out with her and tend to the chickens.  It is so sweet to watch her teach him how to do the different tasks.  And to be fair she told him she would pay him for helping.

Ezekiel is a natural at catching the chickens.  It’s quite funny actually.  He is very relaxed and easy when he goes to get one that I never see him chasing a chicken to catch it.  If I need one I know just who to send out on the job.

The biggest problem?  How many ways can one prepare eggs?  We eat our share (and some of yours) of scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, fried eggs, egg salad, egg, egg, egg, egg, egg.  (sorry, a little Dr. Seuss moment)  I was bummed to find out a quiche only uses 4 eggs.

Quick Tip:  Did you know if you put some baking soda into the water when boiling eggs it makes them easier to peal?  I just learned this nifty little trick(thanks Cindy!)  So, what are your favorite egg dishes?

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