Our Travel trailer remodel…Part 1

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I just wanted to share with you a wonderful adventure we have almost completed. We have repaired and remodeled our travel trailer.  Here is the deal.  As many of you know we love to go camping/RVing as a family.  And as God has blessed Merriann and I with more children, space was becoming more and more a concern for us. A growing family and the fact that the fiber glass siding on our travel trailer was failing. Yep, a big long crack which was going the length of the trailer.

Our Camping Command Post....

So that motivated us to start looking around at a few new-to-us or as some like to call them “Used” travel trailers and toy haulers, we even looked that some brand new travel trailers and toy haulers (yes, I know that we don’t have any “toys”….yet!) We looked and looked and to make a longer story short we couldn’t find a used one we liked or a new one that we could afford.

So begins our adventure into remodeling our trailer. But first the plan!!  Like I said earlier we looked a tons, and tons of travel trailers, 5th wheels and RV.  So in that process Merriann and I fell in love with the Airstream’s floor plan and since we were fresh out of $80,000 we decieded to recreate it.  Which began like this:

Then transformed into this:

Then to the scaled drawings.

Tips I wish I would have known at the beginning:  For those of you crazy enough to try this a home:

When planning a remodel of your rv.  Take in account the hard to move items like the kitchen, bathroom, hot water heater, holding tank, doors, windows. etc. and plan around them.  It is just easier to work around these item verses the cost of moving them.

Another major tip is pre-plan all storage, keeping in mind what goes where.  It is easier and just plan smarter to plan it now at the beginning.  Not that we did this but I could have used a few places a little more efficiently.

One last tip in planning this is you should look at boats (yachts, and 30 ft or larger boats) for storage and floor plan ideas.  They fall in the same “boat” do to the size of living size and are build to a higher standard.

Needless to say that this becoming the Thames episode of “Pimp you ride”.

Next up is the gutting our RV and fixing the crack and leak.

One thought on “Our Travel trailer remodel…Part 1

  1. Greg, Honey, be careful! We did a camper–new sides (framing in new side it had dry-rot-alway thanked the Lord we didn’t roll over and fall out onto the ground!), floor, ceiling, bedding and I thought THAT was a ton of work! I can’t imagine trying to move the plumbing and stuff around. Please keep “us” posted because it is going to be some project and you don’t want to miss camping season!!! You are very brave (or crazy)! Good Luck and my prayers are with you! (Merriann-good luck with all that is going to come to pass and what stories will be told when it is over :)!)
    Love you guys so much!

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