Piggies 2012

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Our piggies have arrived at last!  It was so nice to be able to put them right into their already made pen and not have to build them something first.  It only needed a few touch-ups after the winter.

It’s no surprise they are hanging out in front of the food.  We were running out of pork type names for this batch and since all meat amimals have to have food names we decieded to name them after different cheeses.  The orange one was easy, Cheddar, and the blueish/black stripped one is Blue.  The other two are Feta and Swiss but I cant really tell them apart yet.  They will probably get some freckle spots on them as they get older and we can be sure who we are calling what.

And here’s the handsome Shaun.  We finally go the end of his winter coat off.  His rump got a little stuck on him.  For the most part though his hair came off in one big lump.  It looked like a dead animal in the field. 🙂

And the new animal of the year is Turkeys!  So far they haven’t been the best but we are still liking them.  In the first week we lost 4 of them.  Apparently turkeys are so dumb that sometimes they will just not drink or eat when they are little and of course, die.  We lost another one a few days ago and it may have been attacked by another one but we’re not sure.  So starting with 10 we now only have 5 lest.  Their price just doubled.  We better have mostly boys in there to make up for it.  🙂  That’s the farm update for now.  Shannon and the babies are at a freinds house gorging themselves on 8+ acres of pasture and fertilizing it for them in return.

2 thoughts on “Piggies 2012

  1. WOW! These are the best pig ever! Marlys says (of course) “how could you eat them?!!!” I do wish you well with the turkeys. Everytime I have gotten turkeys they have died. I gave up the third year. I guess I just didn’t take the time to ‘pamper’ them as they were young. Who has that kind of time? I always figured they made it in the wild so… Are you guys going to do the meat chickens this year? Did Shannon make friends with her son? All lots so nice and green there!

    Take care. Thank you for all the wonderful updates and pictures!
    Love you so much.

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