Back at Winthrop

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This memorial day weekend saw us back in Winthrop this year.  We had an awesome time.  It was relaxing and mellow.  A perfect way to start out the camping season.

The cutest crew ever!

Deer leg found in our campsite. We found the other three legs in a site a few spaces over.

This little boy buried himself in the sand and Abigail really couldn't understand the point.




2 thoughts on “Back at Winthrop

  1. What a wonderful trip!! Are you using the trailer? I would love to be there with you all and in the trees. We are in the high 90s and low 100s most days now but have had late night thunder storms come through to help keep the weeds green and sand down. Your kids are growing too fast! What a joy to see everyone, Greg and Merriann too. Someday I will hug you all again! For now, know that I enjoy your posts very much and miss you all even more.

    Always – Hugs and Kisses with Love, Sis

  2. It looks like it was lovely!! I wish I were there now. I need a camping trip in the sun 🙂 Really I just need some sun. Did you let Toby chew the legs?

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