Our Travel Trailer remodel…Part 4….and sew on and sew on…

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The next major upgrade to our trailer was updating or I should say sewing our new upholstery.  What we looked for here was something that was easy the clean and again something that says Maui.  We decided on this:

And since we now had a fabric picked out it was time for us to get to sewing.  Here are some of the “sausage making” we went through in this process.

Real Men……. Sew!?!?! Yes, real men sew.

After all the hard work….  One person with skills (Merriann) and One person with not a clue (Greg) completed our task.  Because we have everything to hide I took all our pictures from a distance.  So those of you that can really sew couldn’t be able to pick out my work but as we tell the kids as long as you try your best its good enough for us. We are not sure if our hems are done right, but none have come out as of yet.  Yep, we are happy with it so far.

One sewing trick that we found online was to use shower curtains.  They are already sewn and they are usually are made of a heavy duty fabric.  So all we had to do is hem the bottom.

Next time I will share with you guys the finished pictures of the the travel trailer remodel project.

One thought on “Our Travel Trailer remodel…Part 4….and sew on and sew on…

  1. I LOVE the team effort!!! What a great example for the whole family. It looks great. My theory is two things, when you are creating and completing your own work, 1) the creator is their own worse critic and 2) if someone has THAT much to sayabout your work, they are most likely not worth listening to!
    Great idea to use the shower curtain fabric – I bet it works well with spills, wet swim wear, etc. You are on your way to a stress free camping environment! Soon you will be able to share your learning with others too.

    Take care! Thanks for the great postings!!!
    Love you!

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