Our Travel Trailer remodel…Part 5 The Grand Finale

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OK, here is the rest of the story….  A few months ago, we remodeled our travel trailer due to a crack in the fiberglass shell and our family was growing and we needed more space.  These are the pictures of the completed job.  There were a few things we did to upgrade that I didn’t have pictures for and I wanted to share.  The biggest of those was we added a solar array to our RV.  It was a surprisingly easy upgrade thanks again to the Great Library of our day: the Internet and YouTube.  Here is the link I used: Solar Panel Tutorial.  Also we added an Olympian Wave Gas Catalytic Heater, and LED lights: the reason that we added these things to the upgrade was because we do a fair amount of “Dry” camping (aka Free), where power is not available.  The setup of the trailer before often caused us to bring the power generator and we still would still run out of power.  Meaning on cold nights it was as cold inside as it was outside because the heater fan would suck all the power and die.  Sorry for not including pictures of these upgrades.  But with out further ado here is a completed project.

This is a picture of the front of our trailer. It’s all about storage in these picture. Under each bench there is tons and tons of storage. The couch in front is where the table is kept, along with the extra chairs if needed. We love this because most of the time we never bring it out. If we come in for a quick snack, the kids grab a sit and eat (and that is only if it is not nice outside.) Without the table there is enough room to put Abby’s play and pack and have enough room for the rest of us. With all the storage there is a place for everything and everything in its place

The before picture

Here is the kitchenette, one fun thing we found when we when breaking everything down was the frig’s door cover with black on one side
(which what it was before) and silver on the other. So we where able to flip the door cover around for a updated look. We also added some clearance glass beads to the back splash. That was the only things was changed in the kitchen but I think it looks better than the old one. What do you think?

The Before picture….

This area had some major changes.  The sink and medicine cabinate were removed and a floor to ceiling closet added.  This was a number one requirement for Merriann.  Pre-Remodel the trailer had NO place for clothing/towels ect. Now we have ample storage for the whole family.  A full size bunk was also added above the main bed.

Another before picture, Please notice the door.

This is a picture of the New LED lights we got. They use 1/10 of the power the old light used. Meaning more light per battery charge. We got them from the local boat supply store which was cheaper that the RV store. And there was more of a selection to choose from.

The interior light we had before.

 Here are a few pictures with our family models.

Overall this was a great project.  Like all projects, it was time consuming, a lot of hard work but fun and there is nothing like having a fully custom travel trailer.  It looks like we are ready for camping!!

20 thoughts on “Our Travel Trailer remodel…Part 5 The Grand Finale

  1. It’s wonderful – when do I move in?!!! WOW, what a make over for the better. I am telling you, put the steps together, write an article and submit it to as many do-it yourself, family, and RV magazines as possible – you may get submission payments back to cover more than 1/2 the costs! I know my CountrySide magazine would enjoy the article because it is about using what you have, cutting costs, and making it beautiful for the whole country family! Plus there are tons of websites that would love to here from you! This was an amazing project – you BOTH should be so proud! I know I am proud of both of you and your wonderful abilities!!! Be careful, people may seek you out for “RV make-overs” (that may be a side business, ha! ha!)
    The kids love the “bunk” idea. That was a very good way to handle sleeping for many bodies and keep beds always on the ready for the nap that needs to happen at the ‘right now’ time. You guys have done good, very good.
    I also loved the kitchen! I have looked at those tiles and think that they are so pretty. The whole place is bright and beautiful – home away from home. It is a vacation spot where ever you take it.
    Take care but most of all, take the time to ENJOY!!!
    Thanks for the updates – LOVE THEM!!!
    Love you – Sis

  2. I was wondering HOW you put the top bunk in, we are a family of 6 possibly moving into a travel trailer full time and was looking on the best way to maximize function-ability without compromising the little space there is, we were looking at one that aleady had twin bunks but we want to take out the bottom one and put the crib in there, any advice? we have an 11 year old a 6 year old a 3 year old and a 3 month old.

    • Haliegh congrats on you new baby. I must say it is far better to have your hands full then have them empty isn’t it. Anyway then way I attached the top bunk was by anchoring the 2×3 to the trailers frame. Our trailer has a aluminum frame. So I used a simple wood to metal screws. By anchoring the bed to the frame on three sides. It give us the strength we where looking for. The structural strength of 2x4s are pretty high for the price you pay.

      As to your question about floor space. What we did was draw up (on paper) designs that we thought would work then got cardboard boxes (from walmart) the did a layout of the trailer. My wife is a visual person. So this helped her “see” what it would like look. As you are designing your trailer I would keep in mind with it, the most important things you want in the trailer. Like for us it was space to move around while we were inside (we camp in the Pacific Northwest, so we had to plan for rain) storage, and easy of cleaning (as you know its a mayor concern for larger family’s) and the other piece of advise I would give is be willing to change plans as the project continues but keep you primary goals is mind. If you need any other help just send us a note, we are glad to help.

  3. Your remodel is our inspiration….we have a 2004 travel trailer in desperate need of work. I love how you made the floor plan and the hubby and I are going to try a similar plan. Thank you so much for sharing–it looks amazing!

  4. great remodel! I am currently in the beginning stages of remodeling mine, but I have to say I am quite intimidated to start painting. There is so many little areas and such and seems like it’s going to be tedious. The main thing though is I have come across so many different ways you can do this… or not enough detail on how to. Yours looks wonderful. Can you please let me know step-by-step how you achieved this?

    • I am so glad that you like our remodel and we hope it it useful to you. For us painting was the easiest part of the remodel, we simply sanded everything. Every cabinet door, wall, etc. we sanded so that the primer would adhere to it. It was painfully time consuming but I feel it was important. We then Taped off anything we didn’t wanted painted. Next we painted a low voc primer on all surfaces that we were going to paint. Next up was caulking, we used a flexible caulking (like a paintable silicone) in any place we needed it like corners, door jams, windows, etc. Then we just painted everything the base color (with paint sprayer). After the paint was dry we when went back and did the trim. Easy peasy…. The most important part of painting the travel trailer was sanding and primer because it those spots I didn’t do it, like under the bottom bed the paint came off and I had to go back and do it again. Hope this helps.

  5. Good job. i really like the blue colors in your trailer. thats the color i want when we paint our trailer. thank you for sharing.

  6. Where did you find the accordian door that replaced the bathroom door? I am looking for one for our travel trailer. Looks Great!

  7. First of all…. I LOVE it!!!! jYou did a wonderful job. My young family of 6 just bought our first travel trailer (a 2002 Kit Road Ranger 24′). We haven’t really taken it out yet because I am redoing it. I made an executive decision to NOT paint the oak cabinets…. but have painted the walls cream with turquoise and red accents and a Route 66/Coca Cola theme. The back has a twin bunk bed, then there is the kitchen dinette that converts into a bed and there is a queen bed in the front. So… I have a few questions to ask you…. first of all- Why did you take the bathroom door off and replace it with the accordion door? Is the solar set up on top obvious looking at it from the outside of the trailer? We have to park ours in a common parking lot a few blocks from our home and I worry that it could be seen from the roof and ripped from the top. What do you think? Thanks so much for your thoughts. – Maggie

    • Hey Maggie, thanks for reading the blog, we hope it has been helpful to you. The reason we changed out the door out was because it took up to much room when you opened the door. We couldn’t use the bed or aaccess to the storage in that part of the trailer. It is hard to explain but with all of us in the trailer this small amount of room is so important to us.

  8. We recently acquired a 1970s Terry travel trailer and it needs some work. Was curious where you got your tiles for the backsplash and the curtain in the kitchen window?

    • The Tiles we got from the discount rack at home depot. And the curtains were from walmart and cut them to the size we need. Hope that helps

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