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This past month we were so excited to have Greg’s cousin and son come visit us from Milwaukee.  We had a blast doing all the touristy things us locals don’t get around to doing.

We started out at Deception Pass and were blessed with a beautiful day (which this summer has been few and far between)

Making the kids sit pretty in too many pictures warrants a crazy picture

We then headed to Friday Harbor.  Someplace I had never been in all the years living around here.  I loved it!  We headed to the American Camp first to explore. 

We headed down a trail to Grandma’s Cove.  It was my favorite place.  Almost like being at the “real” ocean.  You know…not the sound.  That would probably be the one thing I do miss about California.  The real ocean.

Grandma’s Cove had it just about right.  Never mind the mountains you would see across the horizon.  If you closed your eyes it had the right sound, the right smell and the right breeze.

Some of the local wildlife even came out to give us a show.

The ferry schedule restricted us from being able to explore the island too much more but I would love to go to the English camp next time.  It was a great weekend visiting with family and making memories.