San Diego – The Beach

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Our San Diego visit will have to be spread out over a couple of posts.  We had a lot we wanted to see and do in this area.  One thing for sure was the beach.  The real beach.  A beach with actual waves.  Surfing.  Sand.  A beach with real ocean breeze.  Salty smell.  I love the beach.  And I love beach pictures.  So needless to say we have a few.

Very friendly ‘resident’ campground ducks loved the kids when crackers were involved.

The campground we stayed at was right on the water so as soon as the trailer was set up we headed out for a little walk.  One common theme in most of our beach adventures was our clothing.  I don’t think we ever had our swim suits on.  I don’t know why exactly we would just kind of end up at the beach.  And there was no way we were going to keep the kids out of the water so we just went with it.  And had a blast.

Pure Joy

This beach was on the bay so there were no waves.  The water shallow for a good while and so warm.

Another beach adventure took us to Mission Beach.

This sand is so incredibly fine! As we visited more beaches up the coast it was fun to see how the sand changed. The further north we went the more coarse it became.

I know what you’re thinking. The cutest 17 month old you ever saw!

Oliver was cracking us up as he would grab a chunk of seaweed and throw it back into the waves yelling, “My baby, My Baby, My baby!” as the waves pushed it back onto the shore. Over, and over again.

The wonder of waves

Not crazy about waves. At this point she was yelling “No, No, No!” when I tried to put her down.