San Deigo-Sea World

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(This post was from Our Homeschool Trip in September.)

Hello OP Otter! 002

Hello OP Otter!  This was a big step for Zeke.  He wouldnt stand for a photo but he did want to give OP a hug.  Such a sweet little man!

Lets ride the Manta!!


I am soooo not a roller coaster person.  Early on in Zoe’s life Greg started grooming her to experience the thrill of the ride.  She is now tall enough to ride pretty much anything and Greg couldn’t be happier to finally have someone to go with.  I lost track of the number times they rode Manta.  Going in September has its advantages…no lines.  They didnt even have to get off the ride between runs.  One thing I liked about the ride was it went over a large section of the park.  The littles and I sat by the flamingoes watching them go round and round and round. Just the way I like to experience Manta.


One of my favorite animals is the Orca.  They show was great.  We sat at the very edge of the wet zone not nowing how wet it would get.  After sitting there in the blazing sun before the show we consittered getting a little closer.  By the end we were still completely dry and extreemly hot.  Next time we’ll get a bit closer.


These are some beautiful and amazing creatures.





These sea lions cracked us up.  This one sat at the edge begging for fish which you could by and feed them with.  We enjoyed watching these silly things.  Next time you see Zoe you should ask her what a begging sea lion sounds like.


182 156

watching sea lions beg                                                    The arctic ice wall


122 101

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