And On To Anaheim

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We left Legoland and headed to Anaheim. Right across the freeway from Disneyland. What this meant for us was being able to see the fireworks show each night. This was a shorter 2 night stay for us. The first night was just getting the trailer settled, dinner and bed for an early morning. We were relatively close to Grace Community Church where John MacArthur is pastor and we were excited for the opportunity to visit.

After church we were in need of refueling and headed downtown Hollywood looking for this…


I was first introduced to Chick-fil-a in Louisiana. Mmmmm. With our stomachs growling and the kids eating their arms off we started to drive into the lot. They. Were. Closed. NOOOOOO!!!!! Of course they were. It was Sunday. It had been so long and we had forgotten. Next time Chick-fil-a. If you haven’t head Tim Hawkins Chick-fil-a song you must check it out.

The next main attraction for this area was Medieval Times Dinner & tournament . This turned out to be way more fun than I was expecting. This was not just a tournament between knights but an entire theatrical production.

438 437

Upon entering you are assigned a knight to cheer for. I’m sure you guessed it right. We were given the Red Knight.


441 448 457 453

Abigail, Sweet little Abigail would not sit down. She was too busy standing on my lap screaming for our knight.

467 470

During dinner there are performances by a number of different people, horses and falcons.


And because I know some of you are wondering. This was the main course of our dinner. Served Medieval style.


Then there is a huge gap in pictures and you now see us at the end. It was really hard to take pictures during the actual jousting. Oliver and Abigail were on our laps and there was so much cheering and action we had to put the camera down. No one got bored at this event.


Zoe and Ezekiel were excited to meet the Red Knight and the “bad guy.” Oliver decided to opt out of this one. He was, understandably, a bit sceptical.


Zoe was excited to see the Red Knights shield had a lion on it. Just like Aslan.

One thought on “And On To Anaheim

  1. That’s so funny about the chicken eatery, Chick-fil-A! They are all over the place around here – I don’t even think of it as a favorite, just another “chicken place” 🙂 Too funny! I’m so glad that you and the kids enjoyed the Medieval Times event. We have one in the Dallas area that I have heard wonderful things about! With all the action, I am surprised the kids thought to eat! All of your pictures were wonderful. Made it look like “they” took a special interest in YOUR family – Special Guests! Such great memories that Zoe will relive with the smaller children for ever. (Like we did with you, Merriann, with the trip to Disneyland :)!) Love you all! Keep those pictures and stories coming!!!!
    Always – Sis (aka: Auntie)

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