Avilla Beach

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After leaving Anahiem we were on our way to San Francisco.  Its a bit of a drive though so we stopped off in the Avilla Beach area for an overnight.  This was one of our best out-of-the-blue stops.  We camped next to a couple that, noticing the bikes on the back, directed us to a bike trail just down from the campsite that rode down to the beach.  What a perfect way to end a day in the car before starting dinner.  The trail was an easy 3 mile ride, almost all flat, down to the beach.  A huge sandy beach.




Toby did noot want to move from this spot!

Dogs are allowed durring certian hours of the day and we arrived just at the right time for Toby to head down with us.  He, of course, thought we were trying to kill him forcing him to run 3 miles!  Little did he know he would have to run back as well.


The little town of Avilla



More trouble for Toby. An ‘unexpected’ wave actually got him wet!  Greg feels terrible.  Really.  He does.

As the sun started setting we headed back to camp.  If forced to spend more time here I would be OK with that.

One thought on “Avilla Beach

  1. Poor Toby… he was on vacation too and running on a leash was NOT in his plans 😦 I’m sure you were all forgiven in one wag-of-a-tail when you gave him a hug!!! The beach looks wonderful! Did Abby do better with the waves and the water this time? One visit to a beach was “NO, no, no!”

    So wonderful to see the trip. Glad to see you had a great time!
    Lave you all – Sis (aka: Auntie)

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