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Today was a beautiful sunny day around here. Last minute a friend asked if they could could come play. Of course! Having friends over always means more time playing outside and I told her I had a project for us to do while she was here. I was so excited to do this one. It was one of those Pinterest posts that I wasn’t sure I would ever complete but today we did!



It all started with an outside dining table that was here when we moved in. I liked it at first but soon got it he way on the porch and became one more flat surface it had to keep clearing. For the last year and a half or so it has been moved from one place to another just trying to keep it out of the way from our many other projects. It finally it landed in the “for the dump” pile. But then Pinterest. I had a new purpose for the now slightly rotted table.


We took it apart, cut it up, and pieced it back together. It has now become our sensory table. We have plans for water play, rice play, corn play maybe even noodle play! The possibilities are endless.


Some of our methods may have been a little unconventional but in the end it is just what I was wanting and it saved the table from the dump. All the wood was reused and the only thing I have to buy is totes. (The ones pictures go in our playroom). Another exciting day completed.


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