Abigail turns 2!

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Last week we celebrated Abigail’s 2nd birthday. We started our day at Jump Zone and then returned home for cake and presents with dad. Birthdays are much loved in this house. Zoe and the boys have been looking forward to and making preparations for Abby’s birthday since November when Oliver’s birthday was over. It was a long time coming. Needless to say, they lavished her with gifts and love on her special day.

An amazing transformation happens at 2. She quickly went from my little baby to a big independent girl. She is very much the girly girl. Already loving shoes, clothes and having her hair made pretty. She loves to talk and sing and is constantly coming up with new phrases that I don’t expect to hear from her. It has been such a joy to watch the relationships between each child grow. The way they interact together. God has created each one so uniquely and with each passing day I am more amazed.

Here are a few shots from the day. They are from the iPad so not the best but they capture the memory all the same.







One thought on “Abigail turns 2!

  1. I know you know but WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?!!! My goodness, 2 already!!! What a special addition to a wonderful family. Happy late birthday, Abigail!!!
    Love Always…
    Auntie (aka:Sis)

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