“Summer” Fun

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So even though we are still in spring we have been enjoying some amazing weather. Not wanting to waste a minute the slip and slide has already made its way out of storage.


Oh yeah, notice Zoe’s foot?

Here you go. Last week she fractured the top of her foot. The first Thames bone injury. She jumped off a playground structure and just landed wrong. She will have her boot on for 3 weeks (as long as she follies doctors and moms orders to let it heal). But that doesn’t mean a trash bag and duct tape can’t come into play!

Oliver was the slip and slide maniac!


Um, no bikes!

This was Abigail’s speed for the day. Got her feet wet to cool down then relaxed with sister in the sun.

Zeke found his courage at the very end and with much cheering went down the slide. I think he may have actually gotten some water on his hair!

One thought on ““Summer” Fun

  1. What total fun!!! I love how each child explores their own adventure into the world of water! We are having a cooler Spring with temps in the 70s and 80s! I am hopeful they will stay for a bit.
    Thanks for the update!!
    Zoe, good luck healing that foot of yours! Doesn’t look like it has slowed you down too much 🙂
    Love to all…

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