Mt. St. Helens (part 2)

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Ok, so most of last post was about the bus.  How about some actual trip footage.  Our first day there found us at the children’s Museum in Portland.  The desire was for the zoo (right next door) but the spring rains forced us indoors.



There was face painting…


An awesome gravel pit…


This was Oliver’s favorite.




And one darn cute little 3-year-old!


I want one of these in my house.  Giant Light brite.


We ended our museum play with clay.  They had a great setup that even allowed for your pieces to be painted and fired!


The Ape Caves (Day 2)


Day two took us to the Ape Caves.  Since it was (still) cold and wet outside this seemed to be better option than hitting the outside of the mountain.  Although, I do think we got just as wet in the cave.  But it was on our list to do and we are, after all, northwesterners!


Oliver cautiously taking the stairs down to a very long, dark cave.



430 433 425


Needless to say it was challenging to take pictures in the caves.  At least for me.  Greg was able to get some better ones and some cool camera effects along the way.  We started hiking down the kid friendly side of the caves.  I’m not sure how far we traveled, given our slower pace with 9 kids 8 and under but it was far enough to be in awe.  I was very proud of all the kids.  At first I wasn’t sure we would all make it very far but each one overcame the darkness and enjoyed the hike.


Melia, Zoe & Kellina a bit more wet than when we arrived but still all smiles.

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