The Beach

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It has been my desire to get caught up on my summer photos and blogging.  While that may not happen I will at least give a glimpse of our summer.


We headed to the beach with my sister-in-law and nephew.  She’s supper cool and got in the water with the kids looking for fish and crabs while I got to sit in the sand and take pictures.  Perfect.   June 20131



Zoe was bummed she forgot her kite but guess what she found?


The beach was crawling with caterpillars.  The boys were quite excited by it.  When Zeke had one stuck to his back his brother thought the use of a rock was the best method of removal.


Silly me forgot swim gear.  Oliver hiked his shorts up as far as possible and walked across the giant pool.  June 2013


After too long it no longer mattered.   June 20132

Toby enjoyed himself in his normal way. 057