2013 Chicken Trip

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A few weeks ago we came to the understanding that our laying chickens that we have had for the past 3 years are “done” laying so we found a new home for them. With a nice lady whom was going to use them for yard (field) bug control. We took a field trip out to see them and they are truly loving their new place. So with that said it was time for us to get new chicks. So we went over the my long time friend Matt who opened his own feed and farm store. Haggenan Farm and Home



One of the best parts of visiting Matt place is that the kids get to visit with Margarita, official store pet.


Sometimes she likes to take a short trip around the store to stretch her wings.


But she is always willing to go to Matt when he asks her.



But we are here for chicks. The kids all got to pick their own chicken to name and to take care of.



Overall it was a fun day…. Here are a few pics of some other stuff that we saw in the store.





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