Homeschool Trip 2013: Part 3

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We left our place at Mt Rushmore in the wee hours of the morning which enabled to catch this great sunrise.  We were on our way south.  Texas or Bust!  Both Greg and I have family in Texas so we were excited to get there.



This is proof I drove the bus!  Driving through the Midwest wasn’t bad.  Straight and flat…forever.  Major bug issues though.  🙂


One of the greatest benefits to RVing…ability to crash anywhere.  We made it to Texas without any particular issues.  We were greeted to temperatures just below 110 degrees!  Yes, I was sufficiently thawed out.  After looking back at pictures we realized we hadn’t taken any at my sister’s house and very few of Greg’s family!  We were too busy yacking and catching up.

One thing we did while in the area was the Fort Worth Stockyards.




I want one of these benches!  Oliver’s face just cracks me up.




I loved this line of glasses.  If only I could find one that will fit in a cup holder…


The kids loved these swamp fans.  A great way to beat the heat.


We did visit the cowboy hall of fame.  Nothing too write home about but we did see all the different types of old wagons and what they were used for.  So a little history.


One of the things we really wanted to see at the Stockyards was they Longhorn Drive.  We made it there just in time.  Once Oliver saw these guys turn the corner he was not too sure about it.  They are big!  But he quickly found his way back to the edge of the sidewalk.





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