Homeschool Trip 2013: Part 4

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Today you get to read about us driving!  Because really, in a road trip there’s a lot of driving.  And after miles and miles you start to snap pictures and must share them with all.

Most of our driving through the Midwest and now leaving Texas and driving west has looked like this.


So, when you see a “mountain” in the distance it justifies taking a picture!


Then you realize it was just a fleeting moment and you have this again.


And, when there are a hundred billboards on BOTH sides of the road all for the same place…you find that pretty interesting too.


Our first real stop on this leg of the journey was Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The houses were different…


The rocks were different…


And we made a pit-stop at the Petroglyph National Monument



It started to pour as soon as we made it inside so, unfortunately, we weren’t able to see the actual mountain side.  I know we are from the northwest and all but we were on vacation.  Hiking in the rain didn’t sound quite so appealing.  The kids completed their folder to earn themselves a Junior Ranger badge and we started on our way again.  We were able see a little wild life though!


Another great reason to go RV-ing!





Arizona really loves these signs.  They were everywhere.


That’s all for now.  Our next stop is Bearizona!

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  1. Hey, this is Nana, I think I again found your web page. Hope i don”t lose it again. I will try to add it to my favorites.

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