The Newest Addition…..

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Declaimer First:  I, Greg T., don’t often enter a entry into the family blog but since Merriann is still recovering from the hard work of Labor. I thought I would try my best.  Since many people in which this blog was created for are looking for baby pictures, I am “maning” up.  So please enjoy the “non” professional pictures.  Merriann will return soon to give you what you have all come to expect.

We have a new addition to our family….

Charlotte Hadassah

  Charlotte Hadassah Thames

She was born on Jan. 31, 2014 @ 6:01 am.  She was 6lb 15 oz and 20 inches long.

 Charlotte Hadassah Birth1 Charlotte Hadassah Birth3 Charlotte Hadassah Birth 10

This was a first “relative” home birth experience. The reason I say relative is because it was at some friends of ours home.  And not ours.  We wanted to have a home birth but the distance from our house and the hospital had our midwife’s a little concerned when playing the what if games.  So when relating this concern to our friends they said, “Use our house!”  It was such a blessing.  God has a amazing way of working things out.

Charlotte Hadassah Birth2 Charlotte Hadassah Birth 11

These are our Midwives, Dr. Kim, and Dr. Tamar.  They are both naturopathic doctors and midwifes.  They are awesome.  I must say they brought more to the table than I originally thought.  They were informative, to the point, funny, and just good people.  A-plus

Charlotte Hadassah Birth 8

And since we had the birth of Charlotte at a friends house and the stomach flu hit our house (that is a whole other story) there were a few days between the kids meeting their little sister.

Charlotte Hadassah Birth 7 Charlotte Hadassah Birth Charlotte Hadassah Birth5

Zoe and Oliver were so excited to meet her.  Zeke was a little less sure about the whole thing. But he wants to play with her now and I am not sure he gets why he has to be so gentle with her.

Charlotte Hadassah Birth 9

Our Newest Family Picture, and look Merriann I even smiled for you!