Spring Party 2014

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Don’t you just love a last minute party?  And a last minute party with friends that are all about last minute too is even better.  We quickly planned out this party with a focus on simple but fun.  I even set up decorations!  (something I tend to avoid)


We made our springy snacks.  Deviled eggs, rainbow fruit kabobs, and cupcakes.


And set up our springy games.  We had pin the tail on the bunny and pin the stinger on the bee.  We ended with the safest bee around…no stinger!  Zeke ended up closest and actually hit the wall.  The kids were absolutely thrilled with this game.  Our next game was outside for a butterfly hunt.


We had fabulous spring weather that helped make this party a huge success.



After the games the big girls painted flower masks out in the sun and the younger kids played outside looking for beetles, spiders and worms.  We had a craft planned for them (just in case) but we were not about to drag them inside for it.  We just saved it for another day and the moms were able to enjoy a peaceful (read quiet) latte with chocolate cupcake while the kids played in the sun.

St. Patty’s Day

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I’m not usually one to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day but this year was different.  This year I discovered the person behind the day and then I was on board.  Not with all the leprechauns and gold at the end of the rainbow but with remembering those from long ago and how God worked in their lives and spread His word to the world.

ImageBorn in Great Britain Patrick did not become a true follower of Christ until his later teenage years.  At 16 he was captured by Irish pirates and taken back to Ireland.  For 6 years he was a slave and it was during those years he remember the teachings of his parents and found Christ.  He was able to escape and made his way back to his family.  Despite being taken as a slave he wanted to share his faith with the Irish and he headed back there as a missionary.  He is known for using the three leafed clover to aid in explaining the Trinity.  For 30 years he spread lived there and Gospel.  He started 300 churches and around baptized 120,000 people!  Amazing work of God in Patrick’s life and a show of how thirsty the Irish were for the Truth.


To celebrate this holiday we made a quick trip to a friends house for dessert.  Nothing big (or even planned really) but fun all the same!