A new house!

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Well, color that is. From the day we first looked our house I’ve been less than thrilled with the color. It was white. White…with blue trim and a blue roof. It stuck out. And not in a good way. But, I seem to be the only one that had a problem with it. Whenever i mentioned the bright blue roof to people they would look at me like I was crazy. Yes, I know I am crazy but that’s not the point. The roof was just so BLUE. And the house…so WHITE.
But, all that has changed. The roof is still very blue (apparently painting a metal roof is discouraged). But the house is now a dark gray with white trim. It looks clean and crisp. I really do love white trim on a dark background.

20140612-124339-45819813.jpgNext up (or at least on the list) of projects to do to the house is refinish the porch and I would love some rails. Don’t you just love a lazy dog? 😉