Why do a homeschool road trip?

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I have often been asked why we choose to do a road trip with our kids. And since we are currently on one right now I thought I would share why. Since we are all sitting here.


I truly believe that we as parents are call by The God of the Universe, and his son Jesus the Christ to teach our children in all phases of their lives. And one of the way we have chosen to do so is to take our kids into the world to teach. I am not saying that you couldn’t do this from the comforts of your home, but I am saying that we have been blessed with the passion, time and money to do so and have seen this experience to be the best teacher for our kids.


Yes, there are hard times, like yesterday we were on a bus tour of zion national park when there was a flash flood warning for the park area and with a full bus load of people trying to escape the down pour and get back to their shelters. Our youngest, Charlotte started to scream almost uncontrollably. It was a very uncomfortable to say the least but our children got to show the love of Christ to the on lookers, as they gave us “that” look. It was pretty awesome to see. And they got to see water falls that are rarely seen in the park, since Utah is the 2nd driest state in the union. The rain bought a new way to look at Noah’s flood. When we could see these waterfalls and pools start from now where. When was the last time or the first time you got to see a waterfall start?


We also use our trips as a teaching tool for the rest of the year, drawing our little students minds back to a trip, hike, hardship, joys or triumph to teach a subject or concept. For example, this year Zoe is going to learn about power and wonder of water. So to see the rain shape the land in real time, I believe this trips memories will last a life time, and you can’t get that from your kitchen table.



So I would like to ask why not take your kids on a “homeschool” trip! Yes, it has a cost but the reward far out weights to it. So with a little planning anyone can do it.

One thought on “Why do a homeschool road trip?

  1. You should ‘publish’ this post! Your words and examples say everything, the good and the struggle, that face all homeschooling families (on the road and around the kitchen table). I have always felt that you, Merriann, and Greg are beating the odds and living each day better than the day before as examples of what God wants from each of us, as parents and individual!!! I am so blessed to call you my family!!! I love you guys so very much!
    p.s. (Zeke’s expression from the back seat is priceless 🙂 <3)

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