Homeschool Trip 2014: Bryce Canyon

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What can I say, it was amazing!  I may have mentioned it before but, one of the things I loved about this trip was how different each area was.   In just one way, in Zion you start at the bottom and hike up.  Makes it nice for the return.


In Bryce, you start at the top and make your way down.  The decent is great.  You start to see the real size of the canyon as you feel smaller and smaller.

_MG_5468-10  _MG_5557-20 _MG_5472-11  _MG_5486-13

And at the bottom its almost a different world.  As you’d expect each trial had sign.  But they also had a Benchmark (metal disc) on the sign to get a rubbing of.  The challenge in Bryce is to bring at least three rubbings back to show you Hiked the Hoodoos.  We would have loved to ‘collect them all’  but only had time for the three.  For this we rewarded ourselves with some ‘I hiked the Hoodoos’ t-shirts.

_MG_5811-33  _MG_5531-17 _MG_5533-18

Then the accent.


We chose a more gradual accent the second day but either way what goes down must come up.  These were probably the more challenging hikes and the kids did great.

_MG_5835-37  _MG_5818-35_MG_5841-40_MG_5575-21

Once the trails were done we headed down the main road to see some other views.  We didn’t quite make it to the end before the sun set but we saw some other great sites.


Natural Bridge was one of those on our list.  We took along with us a great resource from True North on Bryce Canyon.  We really enjoyed being able to see these sites with information from a creation pint of view.


2 thoughts on “Homeschool Trip 2014: Bryce Canyon

  1. Hello. I think your blog is awesome and your family is beautiful! I am just staring my homeschool journey with twin boys! They are 4. Any advice on staying strong while homeschooling. I’m finding it’s not easy and requires dedication and work but I am really enjoying teaching my boys about The Lord and seeing them from an educational viewpoint.

    • Thank you Denise! My biggest piece of advice would have to be have a plan. Write it down. Have something tangible so when things start to get crazy (as they will) you can refer back to it. This has helped me the most. The times I don’t and i think I can wing it I always get into trouble. Your plan can be detailed or not, totally up to you. Its also great to look back on the progress you’ve made when you feel like you haven’t done enough. And always Have Fun! Take advantage of all the reasons you homeschool.

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