And a New Year has begun!

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And the first month is almost over!  Well, I had high hopes of actually finishing our travels to Utah last year but I seem to have been sabotaged.  Our external hard drive decided to fail.  Yep, the external hard drive with ALL of our pictures stored.  Years of pictures.  I know, I know, “didn’t you back them up anywhere else?”  Nope.  So, after finally getting over it. I’m back.  We have been able to find some pictures that were stored in various other places but the bulk of them are gone.  If I find anymore I’ll be sure to do a little update.  If nothing else THIS will act as another backup.  (and yes, our storing methods are changing)   So, as I was sorting through pictures I came across these! _MG_8481 See us way back there?  Back in the fall, my friend finally talked me into doing a cross fit inspired workout program with her.  6-weeks to fab.  I am happy to report that we actually finished the whole program!  This is a huge success in and of itself.  What’s better?  I feel so much better and I shrunk!  More than a whole pant size!  We liked it so much we have started it over this new year and even drug a few others with us.) 🙂 So, here’s a few more pictures of us running our first 5K.  (Thanks to Greg for the pictures!  He said it would have been weird for him to run with us but apparently following us on a bike to take pictures was totally normal) _MG_8484 _MG_8493 _MG_8516

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