The Josties @ Grace Church Bellingham

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Last wednesday night our family had the pleasure of worshiping the creator of the universe with a family music group from Alberta, Canada named The Josties.  It was a real treat to listen to the wonderful music about God’s love, faithfulness and truth.  To be totally honest, I have never heard of them until about a three weeks ago or so.  When Merriann told me about them coming to town for a free concert.

Jost Concert Finished-6

Honestly, I wasn’t planning on going.  There is a great homeschool event in our state capital which I was planning for our family to attend (which is the Christian Heritage’s Day at the Capital) but thanks be to God, I got the date wrong and it is the following Wednesday.  So we gathered the crew together and wandered over to the concert.

Jost Concert Finished-8

We got there a little early and got to meet a few of their family.  They are a real sweet family, Two of the boys, Joseph and Jeremiah Jost and our little Charlotte hit it off from the very beginning.  Those three were just wandering all over the church together, laughing and having a good ole time.  But then it was time to sit down and the concert begin.  I am not sure that even as the concert started I was aware of the style of music I was about to have my kids listening too.. (I know, I know I am a “Worst Dad of the Year” award finalist.)

Jost Concert Finished-9

But one of the blessings from God are the friends whom he has put in our lives.  And as I looked around the room I saw more than a few very familair faces in the crowd.  So my comfort level was pretty high.  And when the music begin any concerns I had pretty much melted away.  The concert began with a young man in named Andrew, who is new to our area.  His songs were rich with meaning, gave honor to Christ, and it didn’t hurt that he sounded pretty good too (which is a plus in my book).

Jost Concert Finished-2

Then the Jost’s (or The Josties) came up next.  I was surprised by one of the first things that Dale (the Dad) said.  He said, that they were here to worship God with us  and inspire us in the fight.  But then he said please don’t look to us as a way to have a perfect family we are not that or a family to compete with.  He then asked us to our keep focus of Jesus.  Man, I mean that is a great way to start a concert, with a big ole slice of humble pie.

Jost Concert Finished-7


Jost Concert Finished-3

So yes it was a great night of fun, friends (new and old), and praising the Lord of hosts. Oh by the way, they sing a blue grass type music if you were wondering.  Merriann and I would whole heartily recommend you see them if they are in your area.  Ok now that my once a year post is done, party time!!

Jost Concert Finished-5

See ya next year (maybe) 🙂

Greg Thames


2 thoughts on “The Josties @ Grace Church Bellingham

  1. I love your blog and all your pictures. I am new to your site and was wondering if I missed the area that where you guys talked about yourselves. Such as how you met, how you decided to homeschool, how you find the time to keep this blog and do all the amazing stuff you do 🙂 (Are you secretly wonder woman 🙂 just kidding!) But pretty amazing you are able to accomplish all that you do. I recently started homeschooling and love to hear stories on how families made their decisions and any secrets to get through those tough days/weeks 🙂

    • Hi Tami,
      Thanks for your comment and the kind words! I am so embarrassed it has taken me so long to reply. (I guess my wonder woman ruse is up 🙂 We have a little section about us but I don’t think it has any answers to those questions. I just might have to add those in. As to keeping the blog going I’ll admit, I go on blogging binges. Like my delay in replying. I get a good run in and then they stop. It’s something I’ve come to accept…most of the time. As to all the things we do…my husband loves (and I mean LOVES) to do and try new things. Although, I may give him a hard time sometimes about it its one of the things I love about him. Congrats on homeschooling! We really do love it. One of the biggest challenges is just about the time I think I’ve got it figured out something changes and I need to adjust. That may not be encouraging but it’s meant to be! Rely on God. Give it your best. Talk it through with your hubby and if something needs to change, change it!

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