Spring is in the Air

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Planning for our garden has begun.  We are pulling back the reins a little this year.  Last year we had a huge spread in the ‘way back’ but it took an event to get out there to work it.

making raised beds

We’ve revamped our raised beds and are planning most of the crops to be there.  I love projects where the kids can take charge.  A little direction and they were ready to go!  It also means I can actually get pictures of the action.

making raised beds-13

And even though it is only February Zeke is working hard in his shorts!

making raised beds-12

This will all happen in our “middle yard” as Zeke likes to call it so we will be able to make it out there more often.  The only thing planted in the way back will be squash that won’t need much tending.

making raised beds-11

making raised beds-10

making raised beds-8

Little boys with power tools are about the cutest thing ever.

making raised beds-6

We made eight boxes total.  Three of them are half the height for those taller crops.  Another plan of the garden this year is to work the area we have as efficiently as possible.  One bed in particular will have three crops planted at the same time with different harvest dates.

making raised beds-5

We also found this great purpose for the beds!

making raised beds-3

Ok, well, we thought it was funny 🙂 We love you Charlotte!

making raised beds-2





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