Island Time……Northwest Style….

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A few days ago we went to visit some friends that live on Whidbey Island. Well, it is safe to say that it was one of the rare times we were able to get out of the house without pain or suffering.  A pretty smooth (for us) operation, we were so smooth in the transition from house to van that we left a bit early.  Ah, the feeling of not being rushed.  And no we didn’t forget anyone (this time) but we did get to Whidbey a bit early, so early in fact that if we went directly to our friends place we would have been about a hour early. So we decided to find a beach, or harbor to explore for a bit since we didn’t want to invite ourselves too early.


So we found a cute, little boating community that had a little beach front we could play at.  The kids took no time at all finding shells and other dead things to play with.



Even Charlotte was able to get into the action, but I not sure she wanted to get in on the action.


Because 2 seconds after taking this picture she dropped the crab, with a look of disgust.


It was a very fun way to start off our visit to Whidbey Island.  We were even able to burn off enough time here that we were back into our natural element of running late again.

Oh well, Life is short and God is good so might as well enjoy all the little get aways you can.



One thought on “Island Time……Northwest Style….

  1. I sure do miss that place!!! The pictures are wonderful. What a beautiful day and the children are growing too fast! Love you guys ~ Sis

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