It been a while…

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Hey folks,


If anyone is still around it has been a while since we have put anything on our family blog but here is a quick up date….. We are still around and the family is getting bigger. We are now up to 6 Kids, Little Ella being the youngest.


We are doing well and just enjoying life as God gives..


Here are some new pictures from today. We went to our small town celebration called Everson Days…..


Everson_days_2016-1 Everson_days_2016-2 Everson_days_2016-3 Everson_days_2016-4 Everson_days_2016-5 Everson_days_2016-6 Everson_days_2016-7 Everson_days_2016-8 Everson_days_2016-9 Everson_days_2016-10 Everson_days_2016-11 Everson_days_2016-12 Everson_days_2016-13 Everson_days_2016-14 Everson_days_2016-15 Everson_days_2016-16 Everson_days_2016-17 Everson_days_2016-18 Everson_days_2016-19 Everson_days_2016-20 Everson_days_2016-21 Everson_days_2016-22 Everson_days_2016-23 Everson_days_2016-24 Everson_days_2016-25 Everson_days_2016-26 Everson_days_2016-27 Everson_days_2016-28 Everson_days_2016-29 Everson_days_2016-30 Everson_days_2016-31 Everson_days_2016-32

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