Charlotte and the kite

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On Monday evenings during the summer, I (Greg) normally play in a church softball league and this year is no different. So before today’s game the church we worship with, decided that we as a church would have a church picnic before the teams played.

Well, a few days ago Merriann and I went to the mall to do our year eye exam. I finished my exam first so while Merriann was in her exam.  The littles and I decided that we would walk around to kill some time. There we discovered that a national sporting goods sport was going out of business. Let’s say the sales where at the 70 % level, so I decide to buy a few kites that were on sale.

So fast forward to today, I forgot the kites were in the back of the van, were I left them. So since we were at the park early and it was pretty windy day, what better time to pull them out.

Our other kids were running around all crazy but Charlotte was staying close so I thought I would snap a few pictures. Anyway I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as she enjoyed the kite.

Charlotte and the kite-1

Charlotte and the kite-2

Charlotte and the kite-3

Charlotte and the kite-4

Charlotte and the kite-5

Charlotte and the kite-6

Charlotte and the kite-7

Charlotte and the kite-8

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