Boys The Destroyers

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Hey Everyone, I just wanted to update you on some of the latest destruction happening at the Thames place.  A few months ago we found out that our remodeled travel trailer had a leak again and this time there was no “fixing” it.  So Greg decided that he had a chance to fulfill a lifetime goal of building a “Tiny House.”  He decided to reuse the trailer.  That, of course, means that he somehow needed to hook up the truck to the trailer body via a chain and pulled the cabin off the trailer.





He did it so fast that I didn’t get a chance to take pictures until the damage was done.
But not to be undone, I gave Zeke and Oliver the ok to “dissect” my keyboard.  It was my mom’s old keyboard, and I have been hauling this around for years knowing it probably didn’t work anymore.  We finally pulled it out and tested it, but it was a no go.  I know my mom would be happy to know it had one more educational gift to give as they joyfully ripped it apart.

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