Why do we blog………

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I have been asked a few times, “Why do you blog?” and “How do you find the time?”  Well, friend…. Greg would tell you he just wanted us to try something new back in October 2007.  He wanted to try this blogging thing out, just to see what all the fuss was all about.  Plus we were already  following a few blogs like Little Earthling Blog, and The Pioneer Women in addition to some personal friends sites like Blessed By Five, Squaw Creek Ranch and many others.


We also thought it would be a great way to share with our families which are spread out all over the entire country and world for that fact.  So we started this blogging adventure.  At first yes, we were more dedicated to logging our adventures but as our family grew and other responsibilities also grew we have to admit we blogged less.  But when we decided we would do something like crazy like Remodel our Travel Trailer, or  Convert a Bus into a motorhome or other fun things we wanted to share what we learned with others and started blogging those adventures again.  Hey, we even found a name for our problem Binge Blogging.



I have to also admit we are trying to keep the most important thing the most important thing, and blogging was not even close to being the most important thing for us.  So we took some time off from blogging, to ensure that we were focusing on the right thing. So, in our time off we added a few links about what the main thing is (By the way, HINT… HINT… It’s Jesus Christ). But throughout the years we have continued to blog.  A little at a time, and enough to keep our family in distant lands somewhat up to date on what we are doing.


A few months ago we had something that has forever changed the way we look at our blog.  It was a complete and total break down of our computer system.  Our Laptop died and took with it our external hard drive with MOST of our pictures….. Pictures of our kids growing up, trips we had taken, pictures of friends that were no longer with us, etc.  And yes Greg being a old school computer nerd did have some backup (CDs) of the pictures, but the last copies he had where from back in 2008 when we he started working shift work again.  So all the pictures from May 2008 until November 2014 where gone, so it is safe to say that those were some sad days around the Thames home.


However we did have this little malnourished, little-used blog in which we had uploaded some of our favorite pictures to share with our family and friends.  And it was not lost.  What a true blessing!  So now for us the reason we blog is primarily still to share with our family and friends the comings and going-ons in the Thames home, and to share that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life but also to ensure that at least some of our most treasure memories are in the Internet Cloud for us to fall back on.



done DSC03647

Island Time……Northwest Style….

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A few days ago we went to visit some friends that live on Whidbey Island. Well, it is safe to say that it was one of the rare times we were able to get out of the house without pain or suffering.  A pretty smooth (for us) operation, we were so smooth in the transition from house to van that we left a bit early.  Ah, the feeling of not being rushed.  And no we didn’t forget anyone (this time) but we did get to Whidbey a bit early, so early in fact that if we went directly to our friends place we would have been about a hour early. So we decided to find a beach, or harbor to explore for a bit since we didn’t want to invite ourselves too early.


So we found a cute, little boating community that had a little beach front we could play at.  The kids took no time at all finding shells and other dead things to play with.



Even Charlotte was able to get into the action, but I not sure she wanted to get in on the action.


Because 2 seconds after taking this picture she dropped the crab, with a look of disgust.


It was a very fun way to start off our visit to Whidbey Island.  We were even able to burn off enough time here that we were back into our natural element of running late again.

Oh well, Life is short and God is good so might as well enjoy all the little get aways you can.



Pallet Projects

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We have discovered our love of pallets!  And have been making all sorts of projects and plans to make use of them.



We have completed some outdoor projects with the beauties (pictures to come later) but our first indoor project was a side table for the living room.  I had been using a spare bar stool beside the couch but we need a bit of an upgrade. _MG_8315

See the sawzall in the corner there?  It makes all the difference when working with pallets.  Its not often that I am the first to suggest buying a new tool (actually I dont think it has ever happened before).  _MG_8309

Oliver works some magic with the hand sander before we break out my little mouse sander.  It gets the job done but I may have to upgrade if we make anything else.  And I’m hoping for a new dining room table.

Until then, heres my table!


Spring is in the Air

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Planning for our garden has begun.  We are pulling back the reins a little this year.  Last year we had a huge spread in the ‘way back’ but it took an event to get out there to work it.

making raised beds

We’ve revamped our raised beds and are planning most of the crops to be there.  I love projects where the kids can take charge.  A little direction and they were ready to go!  It also means I can actually get pictures of the action.

making raised beds-13

And even though it is only February Zeke is working hard in his shorts!

making raised beds-12

This will all happen in our “middle yard” as Zeke likes to call it so we will be able to make it out there more often.  The only thing planted in the way back will be squash that won’t need much tending.

making raised beds-11

making raised beds-10

making raised beds-8

Little boys with power tools are about the cutest thing ever.

making raised beds-6

We made eight boxes total.  Three of them are half the height for those taller crops.  Another plan of the garden this year is to work the area we have as efficiently as possible.  One bed in particular will have three crops planted at the same time with different harvest dates.

making raised beds-5

We also found this great purpose for the beds!

making raised beds-3

Ok, well, we thought it was funny 🙂 We love you Charlotte!

making raised beds-2





The Josties @ Grace Church Bellingham

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Last wednesday night our family had the pleasure of worshiping the creator of the universe with a family music group from Alberta, Canada named The Josties.  It was a real treat to listen to the wonderful music about God’s love, faithfulness and truth.  To be totally honest, I have never heard of them until about a three weeks ago or so.  When Merriann told me about them coming to town for a free concert.

Jost Concert Finished-6

Honestly, I wasn’t planning on going.  There is a great homeschool event in our state capital which I was planning for our family to attend (which is the Christian Heritage’s Day at the Capital) but thanks be to God, I got the date wrong and it is the following Wednesday.  So we gathered the crew together and wandered over to the concert.

Jost Concert Finished-8

We got there a little early and got to meet a few of their family.  They are a real sweet family, Two of the boys, Joseph and Jeremiah Jost and our little Charlotte hit it off from the very beginning.  Those three were just wandering all over the church together, laughing and having a good ole time.  But then it was time to sit down and the concert begin.  I am not sure that even as the concert started I was aware of the style of music I was about to have my kids listening too.. (I know, I know I am a “Worst Dad of the Year” award finalist.)

Jost Concert Finished-9

But one of the blessings from God are the friends whom he has put in our lives.  And as I looked around the room I saw more than a few very familair faces in the crowd.  So my comfort level was pretty high.  And when the music begin any concerns I had pretty much melted away.  The concert began with a young man in named Andrew, who is new to our area.  His songs were rich with meaning, gave honor to Christ, and it didn’t hurt that he sounded pretty good too (which is a plus in my book).

Jost Concert Finished-2

Then the Jost’s (or The Josties) came up next.  I was surprised by one of the first things that Dale (the Dad) said.  He said, that they were here to worship God with us  and inspire us in the fight.  But then he said please don’t look to us as a way to have a perfect family we are not that or a family to compete with.  He then asked us to our keep focus of Jesus.  Man, I mean that is a great way to start a concert, with a big ole slice of humble pie.

Jost Concert Finished-7


Jost Concert Finished-3

So yes it was a great night of fun, friends (new and old), and praising the Lord of hosts. Oh by the way, they sing a blue grass type music if you were wondering.  Merriann and I would whole heartily recommend you see them if they are in your area.  Ok now that my once a year post is done, party time!!

Jost Concert Finished-5

See ya next year (maybe) 🙂

Greg Thames


Morning Omelets

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This morning Zoe wanted to take one the challenge of making everyone omelets.  She has always wanted to master the flip of an omelet and today she did it!  Another benefit of a large family.  Lots of chances to practice.




She diced and sautéed peppers and onions for our omelets (my favorite!) and made cheese for the little kids.  They were loved by all.  The kids loved being able to ‘order’ their specialized omelet.


And, since I had the morning off in the kitchen, I was able to capture these sweet moments.  




100% Adorable

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Today our sweet little Charlotte turns 1!  I am always amazed at how fast it goes and yet it feels like she’s always been with us.  In her new stage of life things are moving quick.  After learning to crawl (well, scoot around on her bum) she moved onto things like unrolling the toilet paper, toothbrushes in the toilet, dog water exploration and adventures in stair climbing.


A few weeks ago she started walking!  There’s no stopping her now.  She is ready for the world.


She loves a good snuggle and playing with mamas hair, and baby dolls.  She clicks her tongue to give kisses, makes some pretty crazy faces (especially when she’s mad) and loves anything that plays music for her to dance to.


Happy Birthday to our Sweet Charlotte!


Off on another adventure!