Pallet Projects

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We have discovered our love of pallets!  And have been making all sorts of projects and plans to make use of them.



We have completed some outdoor projects with the beauties (pictures to come later) but our first indoor project was a side table for the living room.  I had been using a spare bar stool beside the couch but we need a bit of an upgrade. _MG_8315

See the sawzall in the corner there?  It makes all the difference when working with pallets.  Its not often that I am the first to suggest buying a new tool (actually I dont think it has ever happened before).  _MG_8309

Oliver works some magic with the hand sander before we break out my little mouse sander.  It gets the job done but I may have to upgrade if we make anything else.  And I’m hoping for a new dining room table.

Until then, heres my table!


Spring is in the Air

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Planning for our garden has begun.  We are pulling back the reins a little this year.  Last year we had a huge spread in the ‘way back’ but it took an event to get out there to work it.

making raised beds

We’ve revamped our raised beds and are planning most of the crops to be there.  I love projects where the kids can take charge.  A little direction and they were ready to go!  It also means I can actually get pictures of the action.

making raised beds-13

And even though it is only February Zeke is working hard in his shorts!

making raised beds-12

This will all happen in our “middle yard” as Zeke likes to call it so we will be able to make it out there more often.  The only thing planted in the way back will be squash that won’t need much tending.

making raised beds-11

making raised beds-10

making raised beds-8

Little boys with power tools are about the cutest thing ever.

making raised beds-6

We made eight boxes total.  Three of them are half the height for those taller crops.  Another plan of the garden this year is to work the area we have as efficiently as possible.  One bed in particular will have three crops planted at the same time with different harvest dates.

making raised beds-5

We also found this great purpose for the beds!

making raised beds-3

Ok, well, we thought it was funny 🙂 We love you Charlotte!

making raised beds-2





Morning Omelets

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This morning Zoe wanted to take one the challenge of making everyone omelets.  She has always wanted to master the flip of an omelet and today she did it!  Another benefit of a large family.  Lots of chances to practice.




She diced and sautéed peppers and onions for our omelets (my favorite!) and made cheese for the little kids.  They were loved by all.  The kids loved being able to ‘order’ their specialized omelet.


And, since I had the morning off in the kitchen, I was able to capture these sweet moments.  




A new house!

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Well, color that is. From the day we first looked our house I’ve been less than thrilled with the color. It was white. White…with blue trim and a blue roof. It stuck out. And not in a good way. But, I seem to be the only one that had a problem with it. Whenever i mentioned the bright blue roof to people they would look at me like I was crazy. Yes, I know I am crazy but that’s not the point. The roof was just so BLUE. And the house…so WHITE.
But, all that has changed. The roof is still very blue (apparently painting a metal roof is discouraged). But the house is now a dark gray with white trim. It looks clean and crisp. I really do love white trim on a dark background.

20140612-124339-45819813.jpgNext up (or at least on the list) of projects to do to the house is refinish the porch and I would love some rails. Don’t you just love a lazy dog? 😉

Spring is in full swing around here

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We have quite the list of things happening around here. Yesterday it was the planting of the outside garden.

Earlier this year Greg put together a little greenhouse to get our feet wet in the greenhouse adventure. So far we are loving it and I don’t see that changing.

We put our starts out here and they grew beautifully. Inside we have tomatoes, watermelon and a red pepper.

Those starts have now entered the big boy garden.

The trellises will be holding the beans and peas.

Our corn patch.

And since taking these pictures we have also added rows of carrots, radishes, cabbage and pumpkins. Please excuse the pictures. I decided to capture and record these days as quickly as possible I would just use the iPad for pictures. Things move fast around here 🙂 Stay tuned!

I saw it on Pinterest…

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And it worked! I’m so excited. Eggs. Hard boiled eggs. Farm fresh hard boiled eggs. Anyone that’s tried to peel a fresh from the coop hard boiled egg knows. Basically you end up with a yoke. All your whites are stuck in the shell. But now. We can reclaim our whites!


Steam those beautiful golden yoked babies for 22 minutes, cool a little in cold water and peel away. Enjoy! 🙂

Christmas Cookies 2013

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As some of you know I (Greg) am learning the fine art of motion video.  Yes it is true, and with that said I have been doing some small projects to better learn the craft.  Well, today Merriann, the kids and some of our friends came over to make Christmas cookies.  So I saw a chance to do a little video and get some practice.  So here is a little short video.  I hope you enjoy.