Happy Birthday Zoe!

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Our first born child has just turned 6!  It’s hard to believe how much she has grown.  Everyday she does or says something to remind me that she is indeed growing into a little woman.  And then, of course, she reminds me of the sweet little girl she still is.  Her favorite colors are pink, purple, and red.  And also yellow (because our dog is yellow). Zoe loves her role as big sister in our family.  I was only going to put a couple pictures on but then I couldn’t help myself.

Well, I was gong to end with a recent picture but am now having computer problems.  So, I’ll have to leave you with one of my favorites.

What a difference a year makes…..

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Happy Birthday Ezekiel Louis Thames!!!

Today Ezekiel turns 2years old.  How quickly they change and grow.  He has been such a joy in our lives and we are so thankful God blessed us with him.  His smile and laugh melt this Mama’s heart.  I love to watch him run. So eager to get where he is going but desperately trying not to fall.  He loves to work beside you and lend a helping hand.  You can see the satisfaction he gets from it.  His favorite toys are cars and trucks with doors that open.  One of my favorite stories is about a van we got from my brother a while back.  He would carry it around everywhere and sleep with it.  Open, close, open, close, open, close.  That little car had never known such love.  Unfortunately, he loved it to death.  The top fell off but he didn’t mind until the doors started having trouble.  Then I had to pull the plug on the poor thing before small parts started falling off.  But, Zoe came to the rescue and found a car at a garage sale with flames and opening doors.  She immediately thought of Zeke. 

 Here are some of our favorite pictures of Ezekiel’s 2nd year…. 














Happy Birthday Son!!

Happy Birthday Ezekiel!

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We celebrated Zeke’s first birthday today.  Just a simple family celebration with balloons and cupcakes.  How about some facts about our dear Ezekiel..

~ His favorite song is Jesus Love is a Bubblin’ Over

~ He grunts.  A lot.  For everything.  From communicating with you to just crawling across the room.  Grunting all the way.

~ He loves our cat and is extreemly gentle with her.  She loves him back.

~ He loves to talk to the chickens.  They don’t seem to care about him.

~ He loves playing with Zoe but will express his opinion (grunting) if she pushes the limits.

~ He loves his food.  Don’t mess with a man and his food.

~ He is my cuddler.