End Of The Summer

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With the days cooling down, and football in the air. It is time to call it … Yes my friends it is the end of summer. Yes, it is time to bring out the school books and those dirty looks. Yes, it is time for the days to begin to get short. Time for my favorite time of the year Yes, Fall is my favorite time of the year. Yes, my friends it is time for football, falling leaves, mowing those falling leaves, rain (oh rain I have missed you so), fall hikes, sweaters, and normal hot coffee. Anyway I just wanted to share the last (well maybe the last) picture of the Thames Kids 2015 Summer Edition photo.


Ages: Zoe 10, Zeke 6, Oliver 5, Abby 4 and Charlotte 18 Months

Ages: Zoe 10, Zeke 6, Oliver 5, Abby 4 and Charlotte 18 Months

~Greg Thames

Great Wolf Lodge

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Summer began this year with a surprise trip to Great Wolf Lodge.  We had a wonderful time and I’m sure we will visit again.  It doesn’t seem to be that big of a water park but there is something for everyone.


I love this photo for obvious reasons but, trust me, he did not get hit in the face.  Otherwise he would not look like this…

 By the second day Oliver was having a blast in the water and trying all the different little kid things they had to offer.

   Zeke catching up on a little light reading.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with this site this is the 1,000 gallon bucket that dumps every so often.  There is a bell that dings a few times before it goes.  There are two types of people…those that run TO it (Zoe and Greg), and those that run FROM it (the boys and I).  Abigail is somewhere in between as she just goes with whichever type has her.  Greg heard the bell and ran over with Abigail in his arms.  After the dump she gave a shutter and said “wooo” and that was it.  He came back with a soaking wet girl that look just like this, just a little more wet.  The next time he took her she heard the bell looked up at the bucket then lowered her head with a sigh and took what was coming.

I have so many favorite pictures it was hard to choose.  So I’m going to show you a bunch.  Why not?

See!  She had a good time.

 Ooooo.  The hot tub.  This is where the boys first got comfortable in the water.  That was fine with me.  It was my favorite place.

In the evening the Great Wold Lodge has a story time.  Zoe just HAD to go so in their jammies the kids went down to the story.  They open with this song about not being afraid if you get lost in the woods.  Just trust mother nature. hmmm…OK.  Sure “mother nature” will just eat you.  Anyway.  Greg and I laughed and rolled our eyes (well I did at least) when the song started and had a chat with the kids afterward.  But they got to have their picture taken with Oliver the raccoon.  Zeke was a bit giddy.  He couldn’t stop laughing.  Our Oliver, on the other had looked like this

He almost went up to him but at soon as the raccoon opened his arms to welcome him Oliver jumped back.   I don’t think he is into trusting mother nature do you? Or at least a giant raccoon.

The final pose.  Isn’t she cute!

Rite of Passage

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So, a friends blog about little boys and rites of passage made me laugh and reminded me of some Zeke has also gone through.  And well, this blog is all about remembering these little events.  A few months ago Greg took Zeke with him to the mountains to collect wood.  When the men returned home many hours later Greg asked Zeke to  tell me what he got to do in the mountians.  His face lit up and his eyes widened as he turned to me and proudly anounced “I peed outside.”  I think he walked a little taller that day.