Kitchen Lessons

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Zeke has been helping in the kitchen a lot more recently.  Something I love.  Yes, it makes the prep work take longer but that is just temporary.  I am already seeing the fruits of that labor with Zoe as she has struck out on her own on so many recipes.   As with many three year olds, I’m sure, he likes to taste everything.  Most time this is not a problem for him as one of his favorite job is cutting olives.

Today in particular though Zeke learned some important lessons.  As I was measuring whole peppercorns one fell and rolled across the floor.  Quickly he grabbed it and popped it into his mouth before I could say anything.  After a few crunches it hit him (honestly, it took longer than I expected).  Then a yell and a run into the bathroom for a towel.

But if that weren’t enough he was helping me peal garlic.  I’m sure you can guess what happened.  This time he waited till I was out of the kitchen then popped it into his mouth then came running around the corner to show me (he hadn’t bit down yet).  Yes, I smiled to myself and down he bit.  The garlic hit him a lot faster than the peppercorn as he spit it out after just one chomp.  Hey, I’m all for hands on learning.

Out of Retirement!

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And making a come back…well that is yet to be seen but we’ll give her a go.  So, lots have happened over the last couple of months so lets get started.

Our first update takes us to Zoe. WAY back in October our little girl turned 7!  She loves to dress up and change the earrings in her newly pierced ears but is just as eager to run through the mud and splash in puddles.  She loves to watch the show Dirty Jobs.  I always laugh at this but she loves it.  Out in the chicken house one day she was overheard saying “Yep, this is a dirty job.  This is Zoe Thames and this is my job.”  She continued on narrating each step as she cleaned.  She also thinks the host, Mike Rowe, should take a vacation so she can host the show.

This last year brought much growth in height, shoe size (a women’s 6!!!), responsibility, school, and eagerness to learn about the Lord.  Over Christmas she was found sitting around the dinner table with 4 men engrossed in conversation (and yes she was conversing) about Christ.  It was a blessing to witness.

Another new thing we are experiencing with Zoe is sarcasm!  I don’t know where she gets that from but it has been a funny development in her humor.  Just the other day she had changed her shirt midday and I said “oh, did you change your shirt?” She very nicely and naturally replied “No, it just shrunk and turned pink.”  After I picked my jaw up off the floor I bust out laughing.  Yep, I had opened that door wide open and she just waltzed right in.


That’s all for today.  You wouldn’t believe how long it took for this one to get posted today so I’m not going to embarrass myself by telling.  Plus, I need to start building up a little suspense :O)

Wild One

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That’s what my doctor said at my last appointment.  “You’ve got a wild one in there!”  She was trying to get a heart beat and was literally chasing him around my tummy.  Just when she would get the beat we would hear a loud thump and the heart beat was gone.  He was kicking the doppler every time.  Of course this would make me laugh which didn’t help matters either.  I don’t think she ever did get a reading that time around but everything was obviously fine.

Good and Bad numbers

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The other day I hear this from the back seat:


Zoe: Mom, can we look for good and bad numbers?


Me: (confused) What are good and bad numbers?


Zoe:  You know!  Good and bad numbers.  Like we learned in school.  Come on, you remember.


Me: (racking my brain.  Sometimes this takes a while)  OH!  Do you mean odd and even numbers?


Zoe: YES!  Can we look for odd and even numbers?


Does anyone have some extra counter space?

Baby humor

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Nothing is quite as funny to Ezekiel than having his legs quickly shoved up to his head…repeatedly.  I tried to get a video of it but it didn’t work out.  Just imagine with these pictures a deep belly laugh of a little 5 month old. Just look at that gummy smile!

Need Energy…

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Zoe on her way back from the mailbox:  I can’t run.  I don’t have enough energy.

Me Slightly shocked because she always has energy: Should we go get a snack to give you some energy?

Zoe: No, that wont work to give me energy.

Me:  It wont’?  Do you need some coffee?

Zoe: No, that won’t give me energy either.  Coffee makes me old.